rolling mill table

Product description

A wide range of collet blocks. Use a rolling mill table, flat or angled fixture plate, or headstone or rotating trunnion. From 1C micromedical manufacture to 35J mid-range automobile and aerospace industry. Can be used for milling, drilling, grinding, crimping, testing, testing and assembling applications! Buy individual components to build our own pneumatic or hydraulic system, or let HDB configure a complete turnkey package for you! Sample attachment layout: hydraulic configuration, pneumatic configuration. 5. Pneumatic automatic anti-leakage clamp can accept clamping, stepping disk or expanding head. Failure safety design does not require air during cutting. If air loss occurs, this will result in the concentricity of maintenance without downtime. Ideal tray system!

Buck tapping

Product description

Buck chuck’s rich legacy continues to be the quality of industry standards. For more than 75 years, buck chuck American company designed and manufactured the best work products. BC company not only provides the benchmark of manual chuck, we also provide the power precise chuck. Our card has various sizes and styles, which is an ideal choice for replacing OHEM manual and power chuck. We also provide hard and soft palate, replacement of sealing components and wear parts. Buck was able to help whatever job he needed.

HQC fast changing system automatic lathe

Product description

HDB HQC fast-changing universities can change from one size to another in 20 seconds. The HQC system requires less pulling force to hold the bar fully and significantly reduces the fracture of the fingers and pins that are common outside the standard solid clamps or the main clamps. Due to the normal change of the bar stock, eliminating the need to change colleagues greatly reduces the required downtime. Since solid and parent materials are a single piece of structure, a considerable force is required to bend the blades of the solid chuck and contact the clamped surface with the work piece OHD. Because there are no blades in the HQC system, additional clamping pressure is applied directly to the work piece. Higher feed rate and higher spindle speed are possible. With extra grip, the tool life increases and parts fall off faster from the machine. No clamps. So, even in the case of a change in the size of the stock, the sleeve segment is still parallel to the stock. Parallel clamping minimizes the “push back” of inventory, and requires less drag force to achieve the same grasping capabilities as traditional techniques.

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