Cutting tools, and faster speed and feed

Boost productivity

Replace your 3 jaw power with the HQC’s fast changing Collet system. Weight loss and unique, efficient HQC system design allows you to increase spindle speed without worrying about centrifugal force. high-tech

Cutting tools, and faster speed and feed, can now be used to improve your work efficiency beyond your previous experience. The clamping force is higher than the jaw chuck, even higher than the solid standard and the cue ball. In the clean profile of the rapidly changing Collet system of HQC, there is no interference associated with the jaw chuck.

Unique cylinder head design 64 + 1-1

It is easy to change the working range of the clip-on system for the authentication mechanism to be plus or minus 1

/ 64 “(. 396 mm)2 “diameter, plus or minus 1” (.793mm)2 “diameter, when used for automatic screw machine and a series of 1-64” +. 008 “CHNC lathe. This unique feature allows you to replace solid and master collets currently used for bar work. The design of the HQC collet head has a special replaceable insert, which forms a sealed and connected clip joint. This unique design protects the spindle, the head valve body and the extraction of the pipe from the chip and coolant, resulting in a large amount of direct cost savings, while also saving time.

Greater clamping force

Faster processing time

Since both solid and parent materials are one-piece buildings, a considerable force is required to bend the clamps and straps of the solid

Contact the work piece OHD’s clamping surface. Because there are no blades in the HQC system, additional clamping pressure is applied directly to the work piece. Higher feed rate and higher spindle speed are possible. Because of the extra grip,

The tool life increases and the parts fall off the machine faster.

The normal running time of multi-axis automatic control system

The HQC system requires less pulling force to hold the bar fully and significantly reduces the fracture of the fingers and pins that are common outside the standard solid clamps or the main clamps.

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