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Bar Variation

HQC’s rapidly changing Collet system eliminates the need to change due to normal changes in the bar inventory, greatly reducing the amount of time that usually needs to be replaced.

To eliminate the traditional

The shaft adapter

HQC’s fast changing Collet system is shorter than the standard Collet adapter and gets more work area. The machining is closer to the spindle and the total reading (TIR) on the finished part is better.

20 seconds or less

HDB type HQC quickly changes from one size collet to another within 20 seconds. This is done by changing the wrench manually or hydraulically. The wrench tightened the clip and made it fast

And simply disassemble, and quickly install a different size collet header. Hydraulic wrench can be used as power unit.

The real parallel is gripping

No clamps. So, even in the case of a change in the size of the stock, the sleeve segment is still parallel to the stock. Parallel clamping minimizes the “push back” of inventory, and requires less drag force to achieve the same grasping capabilities as traditional techniques.

Rapid change sealing insert is different from other fast change of jacketed system, HQC patent replaceable tank sealing system eliminates the operation will chuck returned to the manufacturer’s need, make the seal change or to cure. In your store, inserts are easily replaced by operators.

The tradition of the HDB

HDB HQC’s rapidly changing Collet system is made with the same strict standard, and we use it to produce our other line heads and working devices. In the metalworking industry, HDB is the longest-wearing colleague and maintains a similar position

Tool rack, tool rack and axle sleeve

Product description

HDB single and double Angle frame is characterized by multi-groove design, which provides the maximum grip strength for effective “push back” control. This control helps extend tool life, reduces machine downtime, and produces more parts per hour.