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Dead-Length stops working

HDB is an expert when it comes to precise partial length control. HDB won the first non-length 5C and 16C for high production.

In its design, the length of the true parts of clamping expansion chuck is controlled. The work piece is on the surface of the knife rod or the surface of the work surface to ensure that there is no longitudinal end movement.

In addition to the model 100, all the extender devices adopt the working method to directly connect the bolt to the expanding clamping rod or the main shaft of the machine to ensure the unending-motion of the work piece. The work of # 400 and # 5005c stops the bolt to an optional threaded – or cone – nose spindle bracket.

Pull rod adapter

A sure – grip extended Collet system can be used on any HDB main axis, as well as all other machines with a 2-5, a2-6, and a2-8 spindle. When installed on the HDB lathe, Draw Collet is used. When installed on the ANSI and ISO A2 series spindle, a pull rod adapter is used. The adaptor is processed by the customer to fit the drawing tube/bar of a particular spindle. If the customer does not have the ability to machine the adapter, the HDB will be machine-processed for quick delivery and nominal cost.

HDB provides standard round, hexadecimal and square dimensions of delivery. An unrounded stock, a special shape and a drill with a stepped hole. All hexadecimal and square colleges have two keyways, one in one corner and one in the flat, for synchronization. The custom clamping machine is suitable for hydraulic and other rotary conveying machinery. HDB engineers have designed a standard external component that can be used to save time and money for Euroturn, Gildemeister and Tornos Deco, eliminating the purchase and installation of expensive ID sensor attachments by machine manufacturers.

Collet building – from 1C to 35J Collet style

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