Spindle – Mount styles AH2-5, AH2 AH2-6-8

The sandwich expansion clamping system is installed directly on the main shaft or clamping adapter. It is a solid, one-piece body and the arbor combination, with the smallest part, to expand the cora. Unlike other designs, the expanding arbor is instantly positioned at the center. The conversion can be completed within a minute from one clip to another. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to change the size of another tree.

Spindle – Mount styles

Expand the clamping system

AH2-5, AH2 AH2-6-8

These expanding sleeve systems are directly mounted on the main axis of the machine. No centring adjustment is required. In addition to the A2 series, spindle support can be used. The style from one ABS to the other is about five to seven minutes.

An assembly rack for grinding is designed on grinding machine and lathe. ABS can be held between two centers, either at one end or at the center. The expansive ABS assembly style is manually adjusted.

ABS has a precise positioning shoulder and diameter, so you can make custom artifacts to stop. Use two ABS to maximize your productivity. When a part is running, load the next part of the second ABS. After the first part completes, load the second pole into the main shaft. This is a big time-saving method, when the end of the arbor is sandwiched in a gazebo. Sure-Grip expands to use 1 to 64 “increments” in the seam jacket

Parallel gripping

HDB type clamping expansion chuck is a double Angle design. The design ensures the true parallel clamping of the maximum torque of the work piece.

In general, no special limiters are required when holding the work piece because it is shorter than the diameter of the bore.

Security to stop

For many universities that are expanding, one major problem is overextending to a point where collet is permanently distorted or interrupted. Sure – Grip expand

The Collet system has a built-in security feature

Interchangeable with seam sleeve

Different clamping expansions systems use the same method for grinding or rotating bars, as they do with spindle and clip expansion clips. This allows you to use a set of techniques for your turning, milling and grinding applications.

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