spindle, spindle and mill sheet


It can be customized for the special application of spindle, spindle and mill sheet. In Switzerland and multi-axis mechanical equipment, a kind of “choice” is often designed.

There are splines or jagged surfaces that can be used for special grip and shape, while the grooved drawing style may solve your short scratch problem. There are various sizes of metric. The range of each section is +. -015 years. 001 “(+. 38 to -0.25 mm) from its specified size.

For example, 1, 000 “(25.40 mm) bloated clip heads will be measured with a hole. 999 “(25.37 mm) to 1.015” (25.78 mm), eliminating the need for the decimal system.

Small diameter capacity

# 100 – style expansion chuck will handle a range from 1 to 8 “1” (3.175 to12.70mm), processing dimensions from customers. It is a unique design with a main extender as part of the arbor component. There are two styles for this expansion: # 100 and a. 300 inches (7.6mm) long pilot, and # 100L and a. Pilot with 718 (18.20mm). The recommended clamping length is 1:1 ratio of hole. For example, the length of the hole (3.175mm) is equal to an attractive one (3.175mm).

The HDB design requires only a standard hexadecimal wrench to remove these collets. No special wrench or special tools are required.

The clamped system ensures the precise length of the work piece by locating the part to the surface of the shaft or stopping the work of the machine. The clamp holds the work piece firmly

Stop, produce a very stable part.

The result is heavier cuts, better surface finishes and closer tolerances.

Because of this additional stability, long parts are easy to process.


The no-length work stop-design provides a very stable piece of work, resulting in larger cuts, better surface treatment, and closer tolerances.

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