Sure-Grip expands the clamping system

  1. Install Collet Chuck already!

Place a length of stock or part in the clip and close/open the clamp to check the operation.

Sure-Grip expands the clamping system

Product description

HDB clamp expansion clamp is a double Angle design which guarantees the parallel clamping of the maximum torque of the work piece. HDB is an expert when it comes to precise partial length control. They obtained the first non-length 5HC and 16HC patents for high yield products. In its design, the length of the true parts of clamping expansion chuck is controlled. The work piece is on the surface of the knife rod or the surface of the work surface to ensure that there is no longitudinal end movement. The clip holds the work piece firmly in the stop, producing a very stable part. The result is heavier cuts, better surface finishes and closer tolerances. It can be customized for the special application of spindle, spindle and mill sheet. In Switzerland and multi-axis mechanical equipment, a kind of “choice” is often designed. The spline or jagged surface can be a special grip and shape, while the recessed drawing style may solve your short cliffhanger problem.

HDB stock standard type a (a2-5, a2-6, a2-8), collet style (5HC,16HC,3HJ) and middle style. Custom manufacturing can be used for other machines and fixtures.

  • standard products will be in diameter from 1/8 to 4.
  • fixed shaft/work stop position to ensure the length control and rigidity of parts
  • . The extended range of each subject can accommodate partial variation
  • no need to “trim” arbor. Install 0002
  • . 0005 “arbor & collet runout”
  • use an existing spindle or adapter that can be installed on any machine or fixture with a fixture that accepts 5C, 16C, or 3J
  • if the system is not controlled, a security stop can prevent damage
  • a non-circular shape, deep grip or concave suction tube to hold the bottom of the hole
  • rapid delivery

Collet-Style expands the clamping system

5 c,16 c and 3 j

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