threading tools

  • the nozzle is threaded to the end of the main shaft cooling tube. These nozzles extend the spindle coolant through the chip shield. There are two different nozzles using the thru spindle coolant scheme: long nozzle (for short flaps) and short nozzles (for long plate shields).

With a perforated application, the work piece has a cross hole that allows the chip to enter the area outside the part, but inside the clip head, it may be helpful to fully open the slot rather than close the slot. This allows the chip to return (forward) through slots. In order to open the slot, cut the moulded rubber slot as short as possible.

  1. Work installation sleeve

Check to verify that the pipe is in the back position (collet opens) as described above. The sleeve is inserted into the main shaft of the machine until the size of the surface of the spindle to the sleeve end is similar to the size shown in the image below:

  1. Install the mount

The mount is mounted on the sleeve, and the keyway is positioned in the sleeve to approximate the button on the main shaft. When rotating, move the bracket onto the main shaft and rotate it slightly to determine the position of the button hole on the main shaft.

  1. Product installation chuck and cap

(not included in clip header assembly)

Cover the head cover of the sleeve and open the hole with the external screw hole.

Slide the sleeve and cap over the sleeve and push back until the back of the lid touches the front of the bracket. If necessary, rotate the screw hole to align the screw holes in the mounting.

Screw the cap through the cap and tighten it according to the chart below:

  1. Install rubber chip seal and cover

If the area of the chip in the collet chuck close between taper collet and closed sleeve, or in the front and rear of the sleeve cap, this can lead to problems, such as beating or sticky collet – unable to open the collet traction in the back of the position.

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