aluminum profile packing line



We are an aluminum extrusion company established since 1957 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
We have a packing line which needs some improvements and we would like to know if you can supply us this type of equipments.
Maybe some parts of your “Automatic Aluminum Packaging Solution” –The strech wrapper could be usefull for this revamping.

Our current needs are:

Machine 1 (This aluminum stretch wrapping machine is a printer that writes a message over the surface of the aluminum pieces)
a) Infeed
Currently our machine has a very simple table with a undriven roller table where the operators load the profile to be “written” by the machine. They need to load the pieces one by one manually and this is time consuming. We would like to improve this situation, changing our table by yours “loading belts” and/or “automatic feeder” and changing the undriven roller table by your powered roller table “infeed roller table”.
b) Outfeed
Currently our stretch wrapping machine has an undriven roller table and a simple table next to it. The written pieces should be unloaded one by one by the operators. We would like to change this part of our installation by a powered roller table like yours “Outfeed roller table” and add something like yours “automatic stacking machine”.