Aluminum profile orbital stretch wrapper

Aluminum profile orbital stretch wrapper 2 (This machine is a subbundle manual packing machine)
a) Infeed
Currently this machine has a roller table and the operators make manually a subbundle package with 2 to 20 pieces per package over the table.
They have to walk to pick a piece of polyethylene along the complete lenght of the piece and put the polyethylene between pieces to protect them. After this, they “close” the package making several thigths along the package with film stretch.
In this case we would like to add something like yours “Paper puller” to help them (but we will use polyethylene film rather than paper). And we would like to include some equipments to avoid a manual thightening with film stretch in these three or four places, but we don’t know if you have something like that.
b) Outfeed of the Aluminum profile orbital stretch wrapper
We would like to install something like yours “automatic stacking machine”.

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