Fully automatic pipe coiler

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Fcl-600 is a new type of automatic and integrated packaging mode for pipes. It has two modes: vertical coiling, double machine circulating and non-stop working, online and offline. It can automatically complete the packaging requirements such as bundling and winding films

What is the debugging process of the tension control frequency conversion winding of the double station winder?

Firstly, the motor of the double position winder is self-tuning, and the stator inductance, stator resistance and other parameters of the motor are read into the frequency converter.

Connect the encoder signal to the frequency converter, and set the line number of the encoder on the frequency converter. Then use the panel to set the frequency and start stop control, observe whether the displayed operation frequency fluctuates around the set frequency. Because when using the dead cycle vector control, the operating frequency always refers to the speed fed back by the encoder and approaches the set frequency as much as possible, so the operating frequency oscillates near the set frequency.

In the program, the values of the empty core winding diameter and the maximum winding diameter of the double position winder are set. The maximum and minimum pulse generated by the encoder at the end of the motor are calculated by the formula of the front winding diameter. The speed of winding motor is limited by the calculated maximum pulse. The minimum impulse is to avoid the winding frequency converter running below 2Hz, because when the frequency converter is running below 2Hz, the motor’s torque characteristic is very poor, which will cause jitter.

In each stage of different winding diameter and different running speed of the double position winder, certain torque compensation is carried out. The compensation can be set as a percentage of the rated torque of the motor.