Semi automatic horizontal track stretch film winding packaging machine


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Fhope semi-automatic packaging machine is specially designed for horizontal shapes such as pipes, plates, wooden bars, etc., with strict, clean and beautiful packaging. Aluminum alloy slip ring, light and strong. Capable of precise and high-speed rotation for packaging. The driver is a special PU wheel with bearing, which can adjust the transmission traction at any time to stabilize the packaging

In today’s society, the focus of food packaging competition is high-tech, high-quality, high-tech. However, the high and new technology widely used in food packaging machinery has the characteristics of high efficiency, high intelligence, high efficiency and high competition. And relative books also use a variety of high-end technology, so there is no doubt that it has promoted the development of packaging machinery industry and food industry in various countries. The specialization of production has replaced the generalization, the continuity has replaced the intermittent type, the large-scale has replaced the small and medium-sized, the whole process quality control has replaced the quality control of the end products, thus realizing the food processing and packaging process Continuous production, automatic regulation, specialized work, whole process control and industrialized operation. The application of these technologies is mainly due to the continuous application of new high-tech in reality, and the effect is more and more significant.

For domestic packaging machinery, the biggest difficulty is how to develop the products to the high-end direction, how to solve the problem of weak innovation ability, advanced science and technology also need to rely on foreign introduction, unfair competition in price war, weak basic strength, many automation, parts configuration and basic surveying and mapping instruments, processing and equipment are obviously falling After the development of mainframe, if we want to better improve the development of packaging machinery products in China, these problems must be faced and solved.