Vertical tube winding and bundling machine


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Winding machine is a kind of automatic packaging system designed for pipes and hose reels. It is suitable for all kinds of plastic pipes and hoses. With the help of automatic meter recording, winding and bundling, and with the help of automatic winding system, we can help customers reduce labor costs and improve product packaging speed. The machine is easy to operate and convenient for workers to master. In addition, we have customized and designed various packaging solutions for different customers. For example, we have also designed an automatic packaging line for small diameter films. Although these rolls and machines have different range characteristics, they are similar to our automatic rolls and strapping machines. In these cases, we can use special packaging and processing to convert winding, packaging materials and winding configuration.

In the modern winding industry, automatic winding and dynamic weighing are the key and difficult points to realize the winding automation. Based on the analogy and analysis of the principle of the relevant equipment in the coiling industry, the design scheme of adopting seamless expandable mandrel coiling and double station operation of the whole machine is put forward. Through the improvement and perfection of the original equipment, the fully automatic coiling effect of the soft belt is finally realized, and a series of continuous operation functions such as automatic coiling, coiling, weighing, cutting and unloading are completed, so that the whole coiling process can be realized Automated operation.

In this study, firstly, the whole system of the coiler is modeled in three dimensions and the motion process is analyzed. Finally, the design parameters of the whole machine are determined. The scheme can only improve the winding efficiency and avoid the technical defects caused by the embedded weighing sensor. At the same time, in the design process of seamless expandable reeling mandrel, through CAD modeling and motion simulation, the movement speed of inner cone, inclined chute and expanding pad is simulated, which avoids many kinds of motion interference, makes the design mechanism compact, flexible and reliable, and on this basis, improves the optimization of inner cone sleeve structure, taper and slope parameters.

By studying the characteristics of soft belt winding, this paper puts forward the method of rotating the take-up roll around the winding mandrel to realize the automatic winding of soft belt, and studies the movement of the take-up roll, which successfully realizes the automatic winding function of the double position winder. In addition, this paper also designed cutting, unloading and other auxiliary mechanisms to complete the automation of the soft tape winding.

Combined with the structural characteristics of the whole machine and the stress analysis of the winding mandrel, it is decided to use the scheme of installing the through axle tension sensor on the cantilever winding mandrel to realize the on-line dynamic weighing. After processing, the weight signal of the soft belt reel collected by the sensor is transmitted to the computer through the data acquisition card, and then the measurement data is analyzed and calibrated. Through processing and analyzing the signals collected in different states, and reducing the uncertainty of dynamic measurement through anti-interference, anti vibration, data processing and other aspects of the measurement device, so as to further improve the accuracy of the weighing system.